AC DIN Power Outlet

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DIN Rail mount Dual receptacle 120V, 15A.

Type: Power Outlet
Voltage: 120 AC
Size: 110 VAC
Color: Black

Need an AC DIN Power Outlet for Your Devices?

We offer two convenient 120V AC, 15A single phase AC sources with our fully enclosed, dual AC receptacle, high quality module. Industrial Control Direct got this AC DIN Power Outlet from one of the best manufacturers in the world to sell to you directly. To ensure the safety of the operator, neutral, ground, and incoming lines connect to screw clamp terminals that are touch proof.

22-12AWG stranded or solid conductors are accepted by these terminals. In equipment and control cabinets, you can quickly vertically mount the AC DIN Power Outlet on any TS35 symmetrical DIN rail. When upgrading or maintaining your control cabinets, this product will eliminate your need for extension cords. All you need to do is simply plug in your soldering irons, test equipment, lighting, portable computers, or any other devices.

How Safe Is the AC DIN Power Outlet?

The power outlets for the AC DIN Power Outlet are readily accessible. For both Canada and the United States, this unit meets all of standard UL safety requirements. The screw clamp terminals are integrated into this product and are clearly marked.

You can easily mount the AC DIN Power Outlet on your DIN rail. It only takes up one and three quarters inches width of rail space. To save space, you should mount it vertically. All you need to do is snap it into the 35 millimeter wide TS35 symmetrical DIN rail. If you need DIN rail, we sell that too. We offer both cold rolled steel and aluminum DIN rail at some of the most competitive prices.

For the safety of all users, the wire terminations on the AC DIN Power Outlet are touch proof. It is designed to handle the most demanding industrial environments. This power outlet is rated for operating temperatures up to 60 degrees Celsius. The minimum operating temperature is -40 degrees Celsius. This device is halogen free, and for flammability, it is rated UL 94 V0. This product is light grey and is made from thermoplastic that is impact resistant.

What Materials Is This Made of?

The housing for the AC DIN Power Outlet is 25 percent glass reinforced. The connectors are made from steel that is chromium oxide plated for a better connection. The electrical ratings are 15 amps max and 125 volts. The full dimensions of the unit are 3.6 inches high by 1.73 inches wide by 1.73 inches deep. The torque for the clamp is about 3.5 to 5.3 pounds per inch.

At Industrial Control Direct, we search all over the world for our products. We buy from only the best manufacturers. We know how much quality, safety, and affordability matter. That is why we only list products that are up to our standards.

AC DIN Power Outlet Pros:

  • Screw clamp terminals are integrated and clearly marked
  • For the United States and Canada, it meets UL safety requirements
  • For safety, the wire terminations are touch proof
  • Snaps in for vertical mounting on TS35 DIN rail
  • Takes up only 1.73 inches of rail space

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