ASA Plastic DIN Enclosures

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ASA DIN plastic enclosures

IMO’s ASA DIN plastic enclosures provide reliable performance when exposed to high temperature environments, hazardous chemicals, and harsh weather. Attractive design and four different size options make these enclosures an optimal choice for mounting and housing DIN rail electrical components such as circuit breakers, fuse holders, terminal blocks and more.

In addition to aesthetics, these were designed with safety in mind. IMO’s plastic enclosures feature an optional key lock and transparent door. The clear door is a key safety feature allowing users to monitor components without exposing themselves the potentially dangerous occurrences.

Made from ASA plastic, these distribution boxes provide high thermal stability and are UV stabilized. Further, they are IP65 rated for electrical safety.

Available sizes:

  • E-04W – 4 module enclosure – Dimensions : 7.87” x 5” x 4.73”
  • E-08W – 8 module enclosure – Dimensions: 7.87” x 7.87” x 4.73”
  • E-12W – 12 module enclosure – Dimensions: 10.16” x 12.52” x 5.59”
  • E-24W – 24 module enclosure – Dimensions: 15.08 x 12.52” x 5.59”
  • E-36W - 36 module enclosure - Dimensions: 12.52” x 19.96” x 5.59”