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IMO Distribution Enclosures for multi-strings solar panels. This enclosure can accomate multiple DC disconnects (up to 36 poles) and/or fuse holders. Made from ASA plastic, with high thermal stability, UV stabilized, IP65 rating, they come with a clear cover for instant swtich activation identification. This IP65 enclosure comes with a Ground and Neutral bar and optional key-lock (E-Lock). The dimensions are: H: 507mm (19.96 inches) W: 318mm (12.52 inches) D: 142mm (5.6 inches). The cable entries are: 12 X M20 (0.75 inch); 10 X M25-M32 (1-1.25 inch); 4 M32-M40 (1.25-1.5 inch); 6 side knockouts 90X37mm (3.5 X 1.45 inch).


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