Feed Through Terminal Block

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IMO Din Terminal Block, Feed-Through, 30 A, 600 V, 26-10 AWG, black, 6 mm, 25 pieces.

Type: Feed Through
Voltage: 600 AC
Size: 26-10 AWG
Amps: 30 A
Color: Black

Competitive Part Numbers:
Automation Direct Part: DN-T10BLK-A
Allen Bradley Part: 1492-J4-BL

Technical Info
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Modular Terminal Blocks: Modular terminal blocks are used worldwide. Whether they be in distribution boards, control centers or machine control systems, in ships, power stations or railway rolling stock, Industrial Control Direct terminals guarantee safe connections in all low voltage installations. In view of this versatile and worldwide application, the materials use and the technical data achieved meet the highest quality standard. Approvals have been obtained from all major industrial countries

Engineering Thermoplastic Polyamide 6.6 has excellent electrical, mechanical and chemical characteristics even at temperatures as high as 100˚C and contain no cadmium based colour pigments. Polyamide 6.6 moulded housing absorbs humidity from its surroundings. This makes the plastic material elastic and fracture proof even at temperatures as low as -40˚C. Being a self extinguishing material it is difficult to ignite and burns only as long as there is a supporting flame. It is rated V2 according to UL94. Good aging resistance and insensitivity to ultraviolet light makes it suitable for tropical and open air applications.



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DIN Rail


DIN Rail
Din Rail, W: 35 mm X H: 7.5 mm X L: 1 meter, slotted, 20 pieces


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Cross Connector terminal Block


Cross Connector terminal Block
IMO Din Terminal Block, Isolated Jumper bar 10 points, fit terminal ER 4, ER 4C, ERD series, 5 pieces


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Cross Connector Terminal Block


Cross Connector Terminal Block
IMO Din Terminal Block, Isolated Jumper bar 2 points, fit terminal ER 4, ER 4C, ERD series, 25 pieces


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End Plate Terminal Block


End Plate Terminal Block
IMO Din Terminal Block, End Plate for terminal ER 2.5, ER 4, black, 1.5 mm, 25 pieces


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End Stop Terminal Block


End Stop Terminal Block
IMO Din Terminal Block, End Stop, for all terminals, beige, 100 pieces.


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