HMI/PLC Controller

Model Number: I3-MA-25G
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Product Description

Quad Band GSM Modem Opt.Card GSM / GPRS 2.5G Use with i3CM,i3CX,i3E,i3DX Supplied Complete With Antenna

Type: Controller

The in-built I/O of the i3 controller have up to 40 Digital I/O and up to 4 Analogue I/O, also supporting direct PT100, Thermocouple, mV, Voltage and Current inputs.

  • Powerful 32-bit processor
  • 2 Communication Ports RS232/RS485
  • Expansion I/O
  • 4 High Speed Inputs (10kHz Max)
  • 2 PWM outputs (65kHz Max)
  • Programmable function Keys
  • Real Time Clock
  • 20+ Protocols (Modbus, AB DF1, Mitsubishi, Etc)
  • 256KB RAM (Ladder), 1MB Graphical (5MB I3C)
  • IP65 (NEMA4) CE, cUL, UL, E-Marked
  • 10-30VDC Supply

3 Communication options
Embedded Ethernet (i3C only) with Web Server, Modbus TCP Client, Remote programming.
Expansion Ethernet (All Models) Modbus TCP Server, Remote programming
GSM Modem (All Models) SMS messages, GPRS Data service or GSM dial-up data service

i3 Tutorial Analog I/O.pdf
i3 Tutorial Basic Operation.pdf
i3 Tutorial Can.pdf
i3 Tutorial Digital I/O.pdf
i3 Tutorial Ethernet Communication.pdf
i3 Tutorial GSM Modem SMS Messages.pdf
i3 Tutorial High Speed Counter.pdf
i3 Tutorial I/O Setup Guide.pdf
i3 Tutorial Maths Functions.pdf
i3 Tutorial MicroSD Card.pdf
i3 tutorial Modbus Master.pdf
i3 tutorial Modbus Slave.pdf
i3 Tutorial Password and Alarms.pdf
i3 Tutorial Pulse Width Modulation (PWM).pdf
i3 Tutorial Real Time Clock (RTC).pdf
i3 Tutorial Remote I/O.pdf
IMO i3-Asset Management.pdf
IMO i3-Remote Pass-Through Communications.pdf
IMO i3-Remote System Access.pdf
i3 Programming Cable Information.pdf
i3 Hardware Manual.pdf
IOS Configuration Programs for the i3.pdf
i3 Config

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