NEMA 4X Screw Cover Fiberglass

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NEMA 4X fiberglass enclosure, screw cover, H: 12.5in., W: 14.5in., 6.125in., gray, mounting panel included.

Type: NEMA 4X Screw Cover Fiberglass
Size: H12 in W14 in D6 in
Color: Gray

Corrosion resistant fiberglass enclosures

The 5412 ESFR series are suited for use indoors or outdoors where corrosion may be a problem, to protect the enclosed equipmentrom water coming from any direction, dust, dirt and oil. The 5412 ESFR series are made of SMC polyester fiberglass composite, aestetically designed and produced exclusively by EXM. Fiberglass is the material of choice for numerous industrial applications. Its electrical, chemical and physical properties allow reinforced fiberglass to be used in many environments and for wide ranging applications.

Three firberglass enclosure models are available : the 5412 ESFRS (Screw cover), the 5412 ESFRH (Hinged cover) and the 5412 ESFRQ (Quick release cover). A quality robotically poured in place gasket ensures a complete NEMA 4X seal. The cover screws and quick release latches are made of stainless steel. The concealed hinges are removable and allow for 180° door opening. The hinges for the 5412 ESFRH can be placed on any side of the enclosure, and permit right, left, top or bottom door opening.

The mounting feet can be installed at 0° or 90°, to be used either at the top and bottom of the box or at its sides. 5412 ESFR series enclosures come with a JIC standard 14 GA white powder coated inner panel, which can be interchanged with the panels used in ESCH enclosures. Inner panels and mounting feet are secured by anti-vibration screws. CSA Certified / UL Listed NEMA /EEMAC 4X / IP66

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