Introducing the iView: New HMI Control System Enables Data Logging and Remote Monitoring

Diverse communications options and ARM-based processor enable efficient control of automated systems


Arlington, TEXAS - April 22, 2015Industrial Control Direct today announced it now carries the IMO iView HMI, a new series of powerful touchscreen operator interfaces. Users can utilize the iView’s data logging features to conduct predictive maintenance and evaluate key performance indicators. In addition, iView HMIs enable remote monitoring to help users minimize downtimes and achieve greater overall efficiency.

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IMO’s new range of iView HMIs are available in five screen sizes including 4.3”, 7.0”, 10.4”, 12.1” and 15.0”. The iView HMI range includes M Series models for medium range applications and H Series models for more demanding applications. The new HMIs have high resolution 65K color resistive touch LCD TFT screens and operate on an ARM based processor. In addition to a next-generation graphical interface, these compact HMIs are packed with features.

The iView HMIs offer an array of communications ports to enable seamless data logging. Ports include: USB (2), Ethernet (1), serial (3) and a Micro SD card up to 16GB. The iView HMI facilitates remote connectivity including a VNC server, Serial protocols (including Modbus RTU, BACnet, Siemens MPI) and Ethernet protocols (Modbus TCP/IP, BACnet/IP, Profinet/IP).

iView Developer, the user-friendly programming software, is an integrated development tool featuring solution oriented screen objects to make HMI programming easy.  The software is designed for control of applications including:

  • alarm monitoring
  • recipes
  • time scheduling 
  • trending
  • XY graphing

Optimized for implementation in numerous applications, iView HMIs are ideal for motion control, process control, packaging, food processing, water and waste treatment, building management and more. Industrial Control Direct (ICD) is a leading online industrial automation supplier and software, technical support and a three year warranty come standard with purchase. ICD also supplies IMO’s programmable logic controllers (PLCs), motor control, sensors and power distribution products.



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