All our products meet or exceed the national and international norms: UL, CSA and CE and are manufactured under the strict ISO9001 quality management program. We believe in keeping a safe environment so we are proud to comply with RoHS

We select manufacturers based on the quality of their products, the warranty, the responsiveness to issues encountered, the ability they have to satisfy our goals, which is to offer high quality products at a lower price than most distribution channels.

Those manufacturers are:

IMO Precision Controls

IMO is a UK based manufacturer of control and automation products. Established in 1972, the company has grown into a worldwide supplier and a European market leader. Backed by unrivalled warranty terms, the latest technology and all necessary approvals, IMO products represent the finest quality at surprisingly competitive pricing

The IMO range includes Din Rail Terminal Blocks, DIN Timers, PCB Relays, HMI, Industrial Relays and Sockets, Intelligent Relays, Disconnect Switches, Limit Switches, Contactors and Overload Relays, PCB Terminal Blocks, Photo Electric Sensors, PLC, Din Rail Power Supplies, Proximity Sensors, Signal Conditioning and Variable Speed Drives.

EXM Manufacturing

Manufacturer of NEMA rated Metal and Fiberglass Enclosures, EXM is located in Canada.


PARTEX is renowned in large parts of the world as a total supplier of marking systems in different materials, such as plastic, foil and stainless steel. The systems are available for all types of wires, cables, pipes and electrical components.

The extensive range and smart solutions make the marking sleeves suitable for use not only in the electrical industry, but also in the installation sector and among end users, at energy plants, and in transformer/power distribution facilities.

Thanks to our receptiveness and great flexibility both in production and organization, we can quickly and efficiently adapt our products to suit our customers wishes and requirements.


In 1986, AUXEL claimed a place among the leading Electro-Technical Engineering Companies with “AUXIGAINE”, a multi-application Polarity Distribution Busbar…

Since then, AUXEL has increased know-how, creating complete Interconnection Systems for Low Voltage Power, Low Voltage Power & Power Electronics Applications, by utilizing various Production Techniques (eg – working with Copper,Aluminium & Brass Conductor Materials and Insulating them using Laminated Layers, Extruded & Injection-Moulded Plastic or Resin-Moulding)

AUXEL’s specialists draw their creative inspiration from the diversity of fields in which the Company is active.AUXEL has the resources to offer a truly global approach to interconnection.

At AUXEL, we are proud of our comprehensive understanding of the main Applications & End-User Practices within the various markets (Latin, Germanic,British, North American etc).


We are a medium-sized enterprise whose daily watchwords are reliability and customer orientation.

This includes the willingness to optimize our value-adding processes on a continual basis and to adapt ourselves individually to the specific applications and requirements of the most varied sectors of industry.

This is how we create our system solutions and individual solutions for labeling and engraving systems such as are used in plant engineering and switching cabinet construction. Our key tasks also include services in the field of injection molding to produce plastic components, producing components of all kinds, as well as manufacturing prototypes in our machining center. For medical technology in particular, we develop compact laboratory devices for specific use in the field of in vitro diagnostics.

With our expertise in development, production and service, acquired over many years, our skills team develops and produces new products for you, and/or produces components according to your specifications. Contact us, and we shall be happy to cooperate with you to work out individual solutions to meet your needs.

Ravenscroft USA

The Panel building market has very specific needs. Betaduct is a unique cable management system developed specifically for use within cabinets and control panels. Select Large or Narrow fingers, Closed Slot and Solid Wall depending on the application. Available in a number of sizes and colors, manufactured in standard PVC or Noryl material.