Model Number: VXA24A5L-4E
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Jaguar Pump and Water Inverter 11Kw (15HP), 3Phase, 380-480v, 24.5Amp

IP55 (N12)

Technical Info
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Technical Information:

Wide capacity range from 0.75 to 710 kW

Torque vector control

IP21 & IP55 with same dimension

DC Reactor and EMC filter built-in up 90 kW Automatic energy-saving operation

Wet-bulb temperature estimation control Cascade control

4PID control Customisable logic Dry pump detection Anti Jam Linearisation function Real time clock

Slow flow rate

Standard comms BACnet MS/TP, Modbus RTU & Metasys N2

5 year Warranty


IMO Jaguar VXA Data-Sheet

IMO Jaguar VXA Brochure

IMO Jaguar VXA Instruction Manual

IMO Jaguar Pump Application Guide

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