Wiring Duct Cutter

Model Number: HGDC001
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Product Description

A heavy-duty, easy to use, high-precision bench-mount wire duct cutter. Complete with a 1 meter measuring guide and end stop. Cut up to 125mm (4.92 in.) Burr free results, effortless operation thanks to a well engineered tool, hardened cutting blade, safety guard standard.

Type: Duct Cutter

Cuts wiring ducts exactly and easily and cuts up to 125mm (4.92")

Fastening tabs are on the tool as well as on the length stop for easy assembly on the work bench.

Our HGDC001 cutter is supplied with a spring knife protection, which covers the knife when not in use.

  • Hand lever operation
  • Burr free cutting without waste
  • Exact 90 degree angle cutting
  • 1 meter measuring guide in metric and inches
  • Maintenance free
  • Easy assemble on the work bench

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