EXM Enclosures NEMA 4-12

Do You Need Heavy Duty EXM Enclosures NEMA 4-12?

Industrial Control Direct offers a vast array of NEMA 4-12 Enclosures designed and manufactured by one of the top enclosure producers in the world. Intended for use outdoors or indoors, these enclosures are constructed to provide protection against splashing, snow, hose directed water, windblown dust, and rain. The external formation of ice on these enclosures leaves them undamaged.

This series is all about options. Our NEMA 4-12 Enclosures series includes Quarter Turn Cover Wall Mount, JIC Wall Mount, Single Door Free Standing, Single Door Wall Mount, Screw Cover Wall Mount, Windowed JIC Wall Mount, Double Door Free Standing, Double Door Wall Mount, and Disconnect enclosures. There are also plenty of accessories.

What Features Are There?

There are too many great features in each of the subcategories of NEMA 4-12 Enclosures, so below, we will just go into the highlights.

Each of the boxes is made from the highest quality of 14 GA or 16 GA steel. The inner panels are made from 12 GA or 14 GA steel that is double bent for added rigidity. The doors each have a flange mounted quarter turn locking mechanism that helps you make sure that it is closed. The covers are bound to die cast hinges thanks to an exclusive concealed hinge pin system. You can switch out covers if you want by unfastening the anti-vibration lock nuts. These enclosures are UL listed, IP66 rated, and CSA certified.

The Free Standing enclosures come with a variety of options. Using the three sets of rails welded to the sides of the cabinet, you can mount optional back panels at any depth. You can also order side panels separate. The window for the Windowed JIC Wall Mount is made from quarter inch lexan. The Double Door Free Standing units come with a center post that is completely removable allowing you to install your inner panel of choice.

What about Accessories?

Among the many accessories we offer with the NEMA 4-12 Enclosures are door locks. There are plated steel locks that can be installed directly into the handle for added security and safety. The door locks and padlocks come with two keys. We also sell combination locks.

Other accessories include swing out panels and mounting panels. Our 9412 Series of Mounting Panels are made from quality code gauge steel. They are designed to prevent water from dripping inside of the unit and are double bent to ensure they are extra rigid.

Industrial Control Direct quality tests all of the products we sell. If it is not up to our standards, then we do not list it on our website. We stand by the durability, reliability, and affordability of everything we offer.

EXM Enclosures NEMA 4-12 Pros:

  • UL listed, IP66 rated, CSA certified
  • Able to withstand snow, rain, windblown dust, oil, hose directed water, splashing, and ice
  • Made from 16 GA or 14 GA steel
  • Seamless gasket ensures that a water tight seal is made
  • Heavy duty inner panel