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Who are the manufacturers of your products?

Industrial Control Direct aims at providing its customers with top quality products at low discounted prices. These products are often made by the same manufacturers that supply well known brands such as ABB, Allen Bradley, Eaton/Cutler Hammer, Phoenix Contact, Weidmuller, and Wago with their products. Because we take pride in providing exceptional quality and service at a fair price, we are able to offer the same products as these major brands, but at a lower price, thus saving you money!

Overtime becoming a huge company certainly brings trust and confidence but at a much higher price to you, the customer. Our philosophy is to source products from the best manufacturers that offer equal or better quality products supplied by companies such as those listed above, but at a much lower price. We are proud of our 1 to 5 year manufacturer warranties, which are some of the best in the industry to ensure that you can shop with peace of mind and huge savings to you, our customers.

Here is a little more information about some of our manufacturers:

EXM (Eurobex) is a North American manufacturer and supplies our enclosures.

IMO Precision Controls is an English manufacturer of automation controls. They are our supplier for terminal blocks, power supplies, AC drives, PLC, relays, timers, signal conditioners, limit switches, push buttons and more.

Sobem is a French manufacturer and supplies our DIN rails.

Auxel is a French manufacturer and supplies our power distribution blocks

EK-TEAM is a German manufacturer and supplies our plotter, plotter pens and accessories.

Ravenscroft USA is an English manufacturer of wiring ducts and especially the Beta Duct.

DF Electric is based in Spain and manufactures our Modular Fuse Holders.

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