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Our software was designed for engineers and non-technical users alike, to facilitate and expedite the design of customized enclosures. BoxCAD also provides immediate quotations, even for complex enclosure designs.


The exclusive advantage of BoxCAD is the ability to create a product configuration in 8 simple steps. It gives you:


  • Custom colors
  • Custom cutouts
  • Custom mounted hardware
  • Custom sizes
  • Custom accessory assemblies throughout


BoxCAD is linked to EXM’s automated manufacturing systems. Internal production drawings are automatically rendered and transmitted to the robotic machinery by BoxCAD. This reduces the typical lead time for a customized enclosure from weeks to days. In addition, the system is geared to efficiently produce any order quantity, from a single prototype to a production run of thousands of enclosures.


The objective is to increase efficiency and reduce delivery time, by eliminating back and forth communication between distributors and EXM engineers.


In short, BoxCAD delivers massive productivity gains.


Interested? Look for the BoxCAD logo on our home page!

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