MTE RLW-010401

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Impedance %
1.5 percent impedance
Open Reactor

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Line Side Applications RL Line Reactor -Most robust, highest continuous service factor. - Provides harmonic mitigation that meets IEEE 519 requirements for harmonic distortion, regardless of power load limits. - Load Side Applications RL Load Reactor -Most robust, highest continuous service factor. -Same part number can be used for both Line side and Load side. - Provides greater load side protection from voltage spikes and common mode current to AC motors and cables that standard load reactors. -For motor lead lengths up to 1,000 feet. - SineWave Guardian Motor Protection Filter -Provides near perfect sinusoidal waveform for the best level of motor protection. -Only solution for a single VFD running multiple motors. -For motor lead lengths up to 15,000 feet.
Reactor Amps
104 Amps
94 Watts
0.12 mH inductance
NEC Motor Current in Amps
22 Lbs




Type: Reactor
Phase/Poles: 3
Amps: 104
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