IMO Enclosed Series of Solar DC and AC Disconnects – Now NEMA 4X Rated!

IMO enclosed series of Solar DC and AC disconnects feature a NEMA 4X rated rugged enclosure (available on SI16-25-32 in 2, 4 pole version). Specifically, IMO’s TRUE DC isolators developed for arduous DC disconnect applications, features an operator independent trigger ratchet switching mechanism resulting in rapid switching times of less than 5ms. High reliability knife edge contacts and long arc cooling chambers ensure safe and effective isolation of DC voltages within solar installations. IMO’s range of enclosed AC isolators includes 3 to 8 pole versions rated from 20A to 80A. The design also includes an interlocked enclosure lid and lockable positions for safety.

IMO is at the forefront of control component technology specifically developed for the renewable energy market and specifically solar energy applications. Whether meeting the demands of safe and efficient DC switching or delivering solutions that help to maximize solar energy conversion rates, you can be sure that IMO products have been developed to meet the highest technical and commercial standard. IMO’s TRUE DC Isolators offer unrivalled safety for your Photovoltaic installation with over 2 million units sold worldwide with zero failures.

IMO DC Disconnects Features
  • Rotary Actuator High-Speed Switch
  • UL508i / NEMA type 4X listed #E362605
  • Knife edge self-cleaning contact mechanism
  • Long arc cooling chambers
  • NEMA 4X is available on SI16-25-32A, 2-4 Pole

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IMO AC Disconnects Features

  • Rotary Emergency Stop Lever Actuator Switch
  • Lockable Off Position
  • UL508 / NEMA type 4X listed #E362605

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