IMO’s PUSH FIT DIN rail terminal blocks are a time saving alternative to screw clamp terminal blocks. PUSH FIT terminal blocks are designed to open and accept the wire without the need of a screwdriver. As the wire is pushed into the cavity, the clamp is opened to accept the wire which is then held in place by the force of the clamp. Effective terminal block wiring is essential in manufacturing control panels as it plays a large role in the lead time and cost for control panel production. IMO’s PUSH FIT series simplifies and accelerates wiring work for control panel production.

IMO’s PUSH-FIT terminal blocks feature a wide and flexible group of products. In addition to single-level and multi-level feed-through versions, the PUSH FIT series also includes sensor, multi position, fuse, and disconnect terminal blocks with a range of color options. The PUSH FIT is supported by a full range of accessories, ground blocks, jumpers, test plugs, marking options, and either the screw-clamp or screw-less end stops.

IMO PF Series PUSH FIT DIN Rail Terminal Block Features:

  • Time and labor cost saving alternative to screw terminal blocks
  • UL rated up to 600V/57A and accepts wire from 22 to 6 AWG
  • Wires held firmly in place with vibration resistant clamps, no retightening required

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