Power Distribution Block

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Auxel 1 Phase Power Distribution Block, DIN rail or panel mountable, UL 310A, 600V, IEC 400A, 690V IEC. 1 input: 3/0AWG to 350kcmil; 11 outputs: 2  X  14-2AWG; 5 X 14-6AWG; 4 X 14-8AWG

Type: Distribution Block
Voltage: 600 AC
Amps: 310A
Color: White

Power Distribution Block

Quick mounting and wiring
IP20 Finger Safe
Blocks fit with other DIN Rail mountable modular devices (Height 95mm, depth 44.5 mm)
Accessories increase the number of outputs with only one input (applies only to 38041 and 38032)
No caps to open or remove
Material: Housing: Polyamide Metal Body: Brass

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