Temperature Controllers

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Offering a compact front panel arrangement that combines a digital display with a basic touch panel, IMO Temperature Controllers are ideal for industrial environments where the space occupied by large control panels is seen as non-productive and expensive.

Bringing users significant cost savings, the controllers’ employ a ‘reduced’ front panel which provides real-time viewing as well as the ability to override communications and make manual adjustments locally. IMO Temperature Controllers come in a range of standard DIN sizes, from 24 x 48mm (1/32 DIN) to 96 x 96mm (1/4 DIN). The range also includes a unique blind controller which comes in a 22.5mm slim DIN rail casing with dual 4-digit display.

The complete range has multi-selectable input, including a large range of thermocouples, RTD's, current (4-
20mA) and voltage (0-10V) inputs. PID with auto tune, PD or on/off modes can be selected on all models and a
selection of outputs are available, such as relay, signal voltage, 4-20mA or 0-10V DC. One alarm comes as
standard on all models. The units have IP66 protection for the front cover and a wide
operating voltage of 100-240VAC or 24VAC/DC.

A wide range of options is also available. A second alarm option gives flexibility of
control and the heater burnout alarm option gives more protection to the controlling
system. Other options include Heat/Cool outputs, 2 Set point selection, RS485
communications with Modbus or IMO protocol and Master/Slave capabilities.