Wire Marking System

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Need a Wire Marking System that Is Perfect for the Job Site?

The Wire Marking System we offer at Industrial Control Direct is manufactured for us by one of the world’s top manufacturers. This thermal transfer printer is versatile and is ideal for on-site, complementary work that needs to be done quickly. To allow for the speedy transfer of marking files to a computer, the marking system has a built in USB 2.0 connection. You can also use a USB thumb drive to load and save your marker files.

For importing symbols onto the marker, the Wire Marking System has extensive libraries. An international keyboard comes standard with this unit, so from a library of European letters, you have to import unique European letters.

What Features Does It Have?

This portable and compact printer is perfect for marking wire, components, and cable on the job site. It is able to print, cut, and feed self-adhesive labels and bulk profiles. The printer display supports German, French, and English. And, overall, the Wire Marking System is a cost effective way for identification uses in electrical installations and panel building.

The ribbon holder takes 30 meters of white ribbon and 50 meters of black ribbon. Both are loaded easily into the holder. There is room in the case your Wire Marking System will be delivered in for AC adapters, manuals, and other accessories.

The Wire Marking System is able to produce some of the highest quality printing possible. For thermal transfer printing, there is a print resolution of 300 dpi. In standard mode, it prints at 35 millimeters per second and 20 mm/s in low temperature mode. You can adjust the text heights to 2, 3, 4, or 6 millimeters. In tube mode, you can print up to two rows, and in tape mode, three rows are possible.

How Does It Perform?

The unit has an operating temperature range of 10 to 35 degrees Celsius. However, the temperature of the profile should not fall below 25 degrees Celsius if you want to obtain the best possible printing results. Storage temperature is 0 to 4 degrees Celsius.

The Wire Marking System is rather compact and easy to bring with you into the field. Its length, width, and height measurements are 290 by 300 by 95, and it weighs two kilograms. It gets its power from an AC adapter 100 ~ 240V (50-60Hz). It is CE certified and consumes 20 W of power.

Industrial Control Direct also offers a wide variety of accessories to go with the Wire Marking System. These include Marker Tape and halogen free Heat Shrink Tubing. Both are available in white and yellow and various widths. Also available is a mountable reel stand. It is lightweight (two pounds) and designed specifically to hold reels of the heat shrink tubing we offer.

Wire Marking System Pros:

  • WinSign 5.5 software is included
  • USB 2.0 connection for easy upload to a PC
  • High speed 35 mm/s printing
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Extended memory
  • Backlit display