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Screw Clamp or Spring Clamp DIN Rail Terminal Blocks

Feed-Through, Double-Deck, Triple-Deck, Fuse Holders, Disconnect Switches, Ground

Our DIN Rail Terminal Blocks are made of engineered thermoplastic Polyamide 6.6 and has excellent electrical, mechanical and chemical characteristics even at temperatures as high as 212 degree F (100 degree C) and contains no cadmium based color pigments. Polyamide 6.6 molded housing absorbs humidity from its surroundings. This makes the plastic material elastic and fracture proof even at temperatures as low as -40 degree F (-40 degree C). Being a self-extinguishing material it is difficult to ignite and burns only as long as there is a supporting flame. It is rated V2 according to UL94. Good ageing resistance and insensitivity to ultraviolet light makes it suitable for tropical and open air applications.

IMO has recently made great investment to attain ATEX approval (EX II 2GD Ex e II) for our Type ER range of feed-through DIN rail terminals, and also for three sizes of our ERPE DIN rail ground terminals, making both types suitable for operation in potentially explosive atmospheres 94/9/EC.

The ER ATEX range is available in seven sizes, offering rating from 630V (21A), to 1000V (167A) in cable sizes from 26AWG to 2/0. In addition, three sizes of ATEX approved earth terminals are offered:

- ERPE2.5/4 (26-10AWG)
- ERPE6/10 (16-6AWG)
- ERP 16/35 (8-2AWG).

Ul Recognised for US and Canada and IEC for Europe.


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