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IMO Distribution Boxes

IMO Distribution Enclosures for mounting and gathering DIN components like circuit breakers, fuse holders, switches like our DC isolators for the Solar industry.

Made from ASA plastic, with high thermal stability, UV stabilized, IP65 rating, they come with a clear cover for instant swtich activation identification. This IP65 enclosure comes with a Din Rail, partitions, Ground and Neutral bar and optional key-lock (E-Lock).

The dimensions range from: H: 200mm (7.87 inches) W: 127mm (5.00 inches) D: 120mm (4.72 inches) to H: 507mm (19.96 inches) W: 318mm (12.52 inches) D: 142mm (5.6 inches).

The cable entries range from: 4 X M20 (0.75 inch); 4 X M25-M32 (1-1.25 inch) to 12 X M20 (0.75 inch); 10 X M25-M32 (1-1.25 inch); 4 M32-M40 (1.25-1.5 inch); 4 side knockouts 90X37mm (3.5 X 1.45 inch).

The features are:

  • 4 to 24 poles DC Solar Switches
  • High thermal stability - ASA plastic
  • Transparent door
  • UV stabilized
  • Current rating 63A
  • IP65 rating - Inside / outside use
  • Ground & neutral bars included
  • Suitable for Photovoltaic applications

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