Industrial Control Direct Can Save You Money!

Industrial Control Direct offers special services to its customers and particularly to OEMs that use larger volumes of DIN Rails, Terminal Block Assemblies, Terminal Block Marking and Wiring Ducts.

We can provide your company with excellent workmanship, part numbers and/or bar code identification of your choice.

Our services will definitely improve your bottom line and increase your efficiency.

DIN Rail Cut-To-Length

All our DIN rails are manufactured to European Standards. Our turnaround is great and our prices are even greater!

Terminal Block Assemblies

Quality terminal blocks UL, CSA, and CE approved. We offer 8 different colors and our assembly is impeccable.

Terminal Block Custom Marking

Using our state of the art plotter system we can create custom marking with letters, numbers, symbols and graphics. Not ready to switch to our terminal blocks yet? Not a problem, our system allows us to print on any terminal block manufacturer's marker.

Wiring Duct Cut-To-Length

Precise cuts to specs using our Betaduct wiring duct. We offer large fingers, narrow fingers, solid in gray, white, blue, and black.