Wire Management

DIN Rails and Mounting Brackets

Din rails are used to mount electrical components in electrical enclosures. Our din rails are manufactured to DIN EN 60715 standard within a controlled quality setting. Made of aluminum or white passivized cold rolled steel according to RoHS directive, Industrial Control Direct offers several types of din rails and mounting brackets.

  • DIN Rails
  • 1 meter or 2 meter long
  • Slotted or non-slotted

Standard 35X7.5mm are primarily used to mounts smaller components like terminal blocks or relays while our 15X7.5mm would be used for heavier components such as power supplies, contactors.

The advantage on using din rails and din components is that it reduce the labor cost associated with screw mounted components as it requires 2-3 holes to hold the din rail on the mounting panel of the electrical enclosure.

We offer a complete line of tools to cut perfectly and without burrs our din rails.

To complement our standard din rails we offer L shape hi rise aluminum din rail mounted for those special applications. Such din rails are used primarily when it is necessary to mount components about the mounting panel level.

DIN Rail Brackets

Made of steel and RoHS compliant our brackets are available both angled and straight in sizes from 20mm to 90mm. Each bracket has oblong mounting holes and a 6mm screw tapped hole for din rail mounting.

Wiring Duct

Wiring duct or wire duct or raceways are used on electrical panel to organize the electrical wires.

ICD offers 2 different colors, gray and white, and 2 different style: narrow fingers or large fingers or narrow slots and wide slots wiring ducts or open slots.

Our wiring ducts come complete with the wiring duct and cover. Each wiring duct is 2 meter long (6.56ft)

The narrow fingers series are ideal for interfacing with terminal blocks while the large fingers are suitable for larger components.

Friction bead on larger sizes provides excellent cover retention to combat vibration. The fingers can be removed easily without the use of cutting tools. The wiring duct design allows cables to be retained during installation.

  • A range of accessories is also available.
  • Made of UL94VO material, they are flame retardant.

We offer a complete line of tools to cut perfectly and without burrs our wiring ducts.