Terminal Blocks

Industrial Control Direct's modular terminal blocks are used throughout the world in applications such as distribution boards, control centers or machine control systems. You'll find our DIN terminal blocks in ships, power stations or railway rolling stock. So we know there are many ways to use the terminal blocks we sell, whether you choose a Feed-Through Terminal Block, Switch/Disconnect Terminal Block, Ground Terminal Block, End Plates Terminal Block, or any of the many other varieties we offer. ICD offers standard or custom identification for terminal blocks labeling.

But no matter how (or where) you use them, these terminal blocks must provide an effective and safe connection. That's why we strive to provide the safest and highest quality DIN terminal block products on the market.

Our DIN Terminal Block Materials
Industrial Control Direct's terminal blocks are made from Engineering Thermoplastic Polyamide 6.6, which has excellent electrical, mechanical and chemical characteristics even at temperatures as high as 100˚C and contain no cadmium based color pigments. And since Polyamide 6.6 molded housing absorbs humidity from its surroundings, the plastic material used in our terminal blocks is elastic and fracture proof even at temperatures as low as -40˚C.

Also, the plastic we use is a self-extinguishing material – so it is slow to ignite and burns only as long as there is a supporting flame. It is rated V2 according to UL94. Insulating materials, clamping metals and conducting metals are subject to strict quality control measures as required by stringent international standards.

In addition to Polyamide 6.6’s fracture proof and flame resistant properties, it also offers excellent aging resistance and insensitivity to ultraviolet light – properties that make our DIN terminal blocks suitable for tropical and open air applications.

DIN Terminal Block ATEX rated
The ER ATEX range is available in seven sizes, offering ratings from 630V (21A), to 1000V (167A) in cable sizes from 0.5mm2 to 16mm2, for solid conductors, and 1.5mm2 to 70mm2 for fine strand conductors. In addition, three sizes of ATEX approved ground DIN terminals blocks are offered:

- ERPE2.5/4 (2.5mm2 / 4mm2)
- ERPE6/10 (6mm2 / 10mm2)
- ERP 16/35 (16mm2 / 35mm2).

The goal of our terminals is to create safe connections in all low voltage installations, so each of the DIN terminal block products we sell is made with the same attention to quality and safety. The materials used in our DIN terminal blocks meet the highest quality standard, and their technical specifications prove just how useful and versatile these terminal blocks are. Industrial Control Direct's terminal blocks have been approved by all major industrial countries.