Circuit Protection

Electrical and automation designs require two basic functions which is overload and short circuit protection. This can be accomplished by fuses, but sometimes fuses are not the best choice based on their disposable nature and one-time use designs. Breakers allow the users a means to easily isolate and offers the same protection as fuses but with a more useful means to recover from a fault condition.

Circuit Breakers: Circuit Protection Options for Low Voltage Networks

As stated, electrical and automation designs require protection. Industrial Control Direct offers a complete line of electrical products for optimum protection against both overload and short circuits in a variety of applications. All products are UL, cUL, CSA and CE certified to meet the highest levels of safety. IMO has two distinct types of breakers to choose from – designs certified to UL and IEC standards.

IMO UL 489 Miniature Circuit Breaker (MCB)


IMO UL489 listed MCBs are exceptional. They passed the rigorous UL testing and are compliant with all other brands carrying the same UL certification. The major difference is that IMO has kept the out-of-control pricing to a minimum. Currently, Industrial Control Direct is the only US distributor offering this product. We have a huge investment in both inventory and knowledge offering our customers this exceptional value.


IMO IEC Miniature Circuit Breaker (MCB) 


IEC standard MCBs from IMO have been one of the best-selling products for branch and supplemental protection in the UK and all over Europe for years. In the US, IEC still has a place. Application needs drive the decisions between IEC and UL MCBs used in circuit protection schemes. Uses such as non-UL required designs, test-stands, pilot-designs, and equipment being ship overseas -- all for massive cost savings over their UL counterparts.


IEC MCB Accessories 

Need accessories for your MCBs? Industrial Control Direct has you covered there as well. A variety of MCB Accessories from auxiliary switches, shunt trips, busbars and locking devices are just a click away. Reduce wiring and components while expanding design options with the proper accessories from Industrial Control Direct.