PLCs, (Programmable Logic Controllers)

Free software, 3 Year Warranty

Industrial Control Direct PLC units range from microcontroller-based Programmable Logic Controllers and modular programmable logic controller arrangements with advanced programming tools to nano-sized units with fixed I/O. From complicated process control to simplistic machine sequencing. Industrial Control Direct programmable logic controller units are some of the highest quality programmable logic controller units available for purchase, and With free shipping on orders over three-hundred dollars and preferred pricing for volume purchases, as well as same day shipping on select products. You'll find the highest quality programmable logic controller unit possible for any purpose you need. Industrial Control Direct also offers support services, including technical and assembly support and warranties lasting up to five years.

Industrial Control Direct offers only the highest quality and most durable programmable logic controllers and programmable relay units available, with a numerous supply of models to choose from, it's clear that Industrial Control Direct has something for almost everyone's needs and our packages are some of the most reliable units available from manufacturers.

Industrial Control Direct's products have many uses in the commercial field, and in personal use, as well as many industrial uses, such as distributed automation control, control over heating and ventilation systems, production line management, as well as other uses such as lighting, agriculture, and countless other applications.


Industrial Control Direct HMI/PLC Controllers are of the highest quality available. With a multitude of possible model choices, and many different models with considerable variance in technical specifications, such as voltage range, display size and resolution, the number of digital and analogue inputs and outputs, and several other key features, there is almost always a model that's just what you're looking for.

Programmable Relays

The programmable relays sold by Industrial Control Direct are some of the best quality available anywhere. Stocked with an abundance of model choices, and many different models to satisfy any need for programmable relays, and equipped with the latest in hardware and software in order to function reliably and effectively.

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