DIN Rail Power Supplies

Designed for the control and automation market, IMO’s DPS range of AC/DC Din Rail mountable supplies offer the benefits of slim lines, universal input, and AC/DC operation. A 3-year warranty offers you peace of mind.

This DPS range gives you options when it comes to the low power electrical or electronic devices used in automation machinery, while providing a reliable power source for other components. Examples of these other components – all available from IMO – are: sensors, contractors, timers, temperature controllers, relays, PLC’s, process controllers, and HMIs.

With cost-savings in mind, the DPS range offers an high efficiency rate of up to 89 percent. It is also short-circuit protected and includes its own integrated internal input filter. Extra features include 5W, 10W, and 18W Class Two power supplies. These slim-line units are 22.5mm wide and mounted in plastic enclosures. Also available are larger power supplies in metal enclosures, including 30W and 60W units, measuring in at 40.5 mm. A 120W unit is a slim 63.5mm, 240W unit is 83mm, and 480W 20A unit measures at 175mm wide.

One advantage of all of IMO’s Din Rail Mount Power Supplies is that they give you a wide range of AC/DC input and output, allowing you to customize your unit to your automation needs. Other benefits include ease-of-installation and the overall value of the units. Consider this: unlike some other power supply controls, IMO’s provide automatic resets, as well as the ability to enable short-circuit and overload protection.

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