Motor Control

A motor controller is a device or set of devices that help in regulating the manner in which a motor works. There are two modes through which motor control components can start or stop the motor, either manual or automatic. The controller is also able to engage the motor into forward or reverse rotation as well as regulating and limiting the rotary speed, torque, and protecting against electrical fails and overloads.

As evident, there is a variety of motor controls, and all cannot be controlled by the same device since different mechanisms are used in each. Therefore, there are some motor control components available, and it's important to know what they are and what they are used. This helps ensure that the user gets the right device for their motor related component.

Manual Motor Starters

Manual motor starters are motor control components that are used for motor protection. They are used to switch the motor off or on manually. Once there is an electrical overload or failure, the device trips, switches off and stops the motor. This means that they have to be manually turned on by an operator once they switch off. Such a starter is most suitable for small and simple motors.

Motor Circuit Breakers

A motor circuit breaker is similar to an ordinary circuit breaker in that they protect from overloads and short circuits. In case of overload or shortcircuit the device trips switching off the motor. Auxiliary contacts can be fitted to give a tripping feedback information to a PLC or pilot light indication. Motor Circuit Breakers are usually used in conjunction with contactors for the control (on/off) of the load. Electro-mechanical links are available between the motor circuit breaker and the contactor. Some breakers are made in such a way that once the current goes down to its operating range, it automatically turns back on.


Contactors are electro-mechanical devices to switch on/off motor load. You'll need to apply voltage across the coil terminals to switch the contactor on. The difference is that a contactor is used for higher power ratings as compared to a relay and are not only used for the purpose of interrupting short circuits.

Mini Contactors

Mini contactors are in reality contactors in functionality. The difference is that they are much smaller in size. This helps provide the efficiency and reliability of a contactor where space is limited.

Thermal Overload Relays

Thermal overload are used to protect motors from current overloads causing overheat, unrepairable damage to motors and service disruption. They are using bimetallic strips that heats up in case of overcurrent. When tripping auxiliary contacts are actuated. Used in the control circuit, these will stop the contactor, stopping the motor to avoid any damage.

Motor Control Accessories

Motor control accessories are peripheral devices that can be fitted together with a motor to help in ensuring its smooth running. There’s a wide variety of motor control accessories available depending on the specific motor need.

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