Programmable Relay

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Programmable Controller


Programmable Controller

IMO iSmart Expansion unit, 2 analog output: (0-10V) (0-20ma)


Available From Manufacturer2 weeks

iSmart Intelligent Relays (V3)

With upgraded features, IMO’s iSmart Intelligent Relay V3 range combines flexibility and ease of use to provide a versatile solution for small machine applications. This cost-effective control relay has been successfully implemented in automatic doors, packaging machines and distributed control.

Base modules include:

  • 10 or 20 I/O ports, expandable up to 44 by adding a maximum of three 4-input,
  • 4-output plug-in expansion modules (4 of the expandable ports are analog).

Optional high-speed communications ports (Modbus, Device Net, Profibus or Ethernet) enable greater expandability.

The iSmart V3 also comes equipped with free software programmable via a PC or the integral keypad, using Relay Ladder (LD) or Function Block Diagram (FBD). The V3 model also features 32k of Flash memory – an upgrade from the previous V2 range. 3 year warranty and technical support come standard.

Successful Applications

Elevators- The iSmart has been used for a variety of elevation applications such as loading-dock scissor lifts,disabled access systems, to home-mobility lifts.

Custom Vehicle- Being available with a 12Vdx power has allowed some interesting applications, such as operating the doors and other gadgets on this customised vehicle.

Pumping Lavel Control- Controlling pumps either through analogue or digital level sonsors,or even times of the day from the Real Time Clock.

Distributed Control- With various comms options available for networking the iSmart: becomes a powerful and cost effective add-on for other IMO automation equipment such as the i3 Controller.

Heating and Ventilation- Due to its compact size, easy programming, and communication options, integrating into a free-standing HVAC system, or BMS controlled system could not be easier.

Agricultural- Whether you need to control irrigation systems, animal feed systems, silo or water tank levels, the iSmart is more than capable.