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DC Disconnect SI55-PEL64R-4


DC Disconnect SI55-PEL64R-4

IMO ENCLOSED DC SWITCH  NEMA 4X , 4 Pole 2 String 55A 1000VDC, Rotary Handle Lockable With SafeLock  


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TRUE DC switches, not de-rated or re-wired AC versions.

Specifically developed for residential DC disconnect applications, IMO SI series enclosed DC disconnect switches provide the reliability required in electrical switching applications. In fact, of 2 million installed units, the SI series DC isolators have zero recorded failures. Further, true DC rated disconnect switches are superior in safety when compared to other alternatives, including de-rated or re-wired AC isolators.

This product features an operator independent trigger ratchet switching system that results in switching times of less than 5ms. High reliability knife edge contacts and long arc cooling chambers ensure safe and effective isolation of DC voltages every time.

The IMO DC isolator range is offered in a number of configurations all rated for installation and use as switch-disconnects and options allowing for “LOCKABLE OFF” operation. Although able to offer the industry standard two position 90 degree handle operation from LOCKABLE OFF-ON, IMO has also introduced a SAFE-LOCK patented handle that allows for three rotational positions relating to ON-OFF-LOCK. The facility offered by this design gives a LOCK position that is removed from the OFF setting ensuring the handle can be placed in its own unique position when locked. When this design is used within IMO enclosed solar isolators, it ensures that engineering access can only be attained to the enclosure when the handle is in the OFF position; while the “LOCK” position ensures secure power isolation combined with non-access to the enclosure (when isolator block is secured with supplied screws) and thereby significantly reduces risk of tampering when maintenance/ repair is carried out on equipment in-line after the isolator, SAFE-LOCK. Once any work has been undertaken, the locking mechanism can then be removed from the handle and the isolator returned to its normal operational mode.

These switches have been tested by the most rigorous examiners in the world and carry the following approvals: UL508i, TUV (60947-1 & 60947-3), CE and CCC. To ensure durability in varying environments, these switches are housed in thermoplastic enclosures. Available in 2 to 8 pole versions in a wide variety of mounting and handle configurations, the IMO enclosed DC disconnect range is suitable for most OEM or site installation applications.