DPS-1-018-24DC DIN Rail Power Supply

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DPS-1-018-24DC DIN Rail Power Supply

Model Number: DPS-1-018-24DC
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Product Description

Power supply, din rail mounted, compact design, 18 watt, 110/240V i/p, 24VDC o/p.Universal input voltage 90-265VAC, short circuit protection, internal input filter, high efficiency, 3 year warranty.

Type: Power Supply
Voltage: 24
Size: 18 Watt

IMO's DPS series of AC/DC Din Rail mountable power supplies have been designed especially for the Control & Automation Market

Offering the benefits of slim lines, universal input, AC/DC operation and the security of a 3 year warranty, the DPS range provides multiple choices for all low power electrical or electronic devices commonly used in automation machinery

The DPS range provides a reliable power source for components such as sensors, relays, contactors, timers, temperature controllers, PLC's, process controllers and HMI's, all of which are also available from IMO.

Offering high efficiency of up to 89%, the DPS range is short-circuit protected and has its own integrated internal input filter. It includes 5W, 10W, and 18W class 2 power supplies all of which are slim-line units just 22.5mm wide, and mounted in plastic enclosures. These units are complemented by larger power supplies in metal enclosures: the 30W and 60W units are 40.5mm, 120W units are 63.5mm, 240W units are 83mm and the 480W 20A units are 175mm wide.

The DPS supplies offer the advantage of a universal input voltage range, of 85v-265vAC and, as standard, are supplied with a 24vDC output; 5V, 12V, and 48V versions are also available.


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