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Our AC drives come with a unique five-year warranty which guarantees energy saving as the warranty exceeds the pay-back period.

An AC drive is a mechanism that is utilized to precisely regulate the speed of an electrical motor in order to save energy. By regulating the frequency of the electrical source, the speed of the motor can be changed. This tool can be used with green energy sources such as sun, tides or wind or traditional energy sources. It can be used for local or remote energy production. A complete solution for energy needs can be produced by combining hybrid technologies.

Minimizing energy consumption is a goal businesses and individuals strive for today. By implementing these drives, the speed of an electrical motor can be optimized to achieve energy and cost savings and to match the requirement of the electrical load. Minimizing energy use is one of the most critical factors in conservation strategies. As environmental issues have moved to the forefront of business and individual considerations, the benefits of these drives should be explored.

The Benefits of AC Drives

Applications of AC Drives can produce energy and cost savings as well as improve process control whether it is used in small or large motors. They can improve operations in manufacturing, material handling and transportation. The connectivity through flexible interfaces of an AC Drive lends itself easily to automation. Sensors and other field instruments can be combined with the drive to produce the desired energy savings and maximized productivity. Another benefit includes reducing system stress. By decreasing the current required to start the motor, smaller fuses and connections may be used. This also minimizes the peak load on an electrical network.

AC Drive Applications

While the AC drive can be used in many applications, one of the most employed is in the field of HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning). Processes such as air circulation, heating, cooling, and drying are the primary ones which utilize motors using these regulating drives. The drives are used for compressors, fans and pumps. By utilizing the AC drive to control the pump or fan instead of an on and off switch or other mechanics, energy use can be decreased. In most cases the energy savings can return the investment cost in less than a year.
Additional applications are in the oil and gas industries, machine tool motor control, elevators and escalators, water and pumping, as well as numerous other areas where motor efficiency is important. 

Why Choose Industrial Control Direct?

Industrial Control Direct is a business that can provide the solutions needed for AC drive applications. Preferred pricing on volume purchases and free shipping on orders totaling $300.00 or more are two benefits offered. Selected products are available with same day shipping. Support is provided and includes technological and assembly assistance. And with warranties that extend up to five years, the quality of the product is evident. Industrial Control Direct would love the opportunity to provide the components that help you save energy and decrease costs. 

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