Enerdoor Sine Filters

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(image for) Sine Filter FIN905SF.075.M


Sine Filter FIN905SF.075.M

Sine - 3-phase 480vac 75Amps - <60  


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(image for) Sine Filter FIN905SF.115.M


Sine Filter FIN905SF.115.M

Sine - 3-phase 480vac 115Amps - <60  


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(image for) Sine Filter FIN905SF.180.M


Sine Filter FIN905SF.180.M

Sine - 3-phase 480vac 180Amps - <60  


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(image for) Sine Filter FIN905SF.410.B


Sine Filter FIN905SF.410.B

Sine - 3-phase 480vac 410Amps - <60  


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Converts the PWM output signal into a sinusoidal shape with residual < 5% dV/dt reduction Motor losses reduction Motor life increasing

Compact style High-speed motors application (FIN915SFH series)

Low heating for high frequencies application

No ventilation for high-speed application