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MCB terminal adaptor for pin type busbar

Type: Mini Circuit Breaker

The IMO Mini Circuit Breaker design incorporates a protective indicator and utilises a secured plastic window to facilitate identification labelling. It also offers a test point facility, and improved mechanism for extended life with an enhanced Din Rail fitting mechanism.

A full range of accessories is also available: Busbars, Auxiliary contacts, Locking device, etc.

Rated voltage:230V/400V AC, Max. 60VDC

Rated insulation voltage Ui:500V

In accordance with:EN60898, EN60947-2, UNE20317

Terminal capacity:1 to 25mm2 up to 25A; 25 to 35mm2 up to 63A

Breaking capacity as per IEC60898:6kA B curve 1 pole,10kA C & D curve 1-3 poles

Breaking capacity applying IEC60947-2:up to 15kA

Mounting:on Rail EN60715 (EN50022)

Protection degree:IP20


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