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An Unbeatable Warranty is Our Guarantee

33 years and still running!

Though we’re confident our AC drives will outlast any offered by our competitors, Industrial Control Direct goes the extra mile, offering our customers an industry-leading 5-year warranty. And as part of the package, we also offer our considerable expertise - providing world-class technical support whenever you need it.

Application-Based Solutions

Micro Drives (Micro Inverters)

Micro drives are generally smaller frame drives with lower voltage/current capacities used for applications where a small footprint, ease-of-use and cost are the greatest considerations.

The IMO SD1 AC Inverter Drives offers such benefits as:

· A 2-year warranty

· Minimal set up

· Comprehensively specified for use in virtually any application

Dependent upon model, the SD1 offers STO (SIL2 / SIL3), along with a huge range of enhanced features.

Machinery Drives

Designed with OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturer) in mind, machinery drives are the next step up from the micro drive in size and performance.

The IMO Jaguar CUB features a 5-year warranty, full range of functions, compact body, simple operation and it will meet the needs of higher performance machines and equipment such as:

· Conveyors

· Fans

· Pumps

· Centrifugal separators

· Food-processing machines

High Performance Drives

High performance drives are equipped to run advanced, dynamic and robust applications with ease.

The VXG, multi-function inverter, is designed to meet the needs of such demanding drives applications as packaging, textile and process machinery, while offering high-level control methods that include:

· PG vector control

· Sensorless vector control

· Dynamic torque vector control

· V/F Control

Material Handling Drives

Material handling drives are specifically made for material handling applications. Equipped with an extended range of functions, the IMO VXR features:

· A 5-year warranty

· Connectivity

· Compact body

· Wide model variations

· Global compatibility

HVAC Drives

Developed specifically for HVAC and Pump applications, the Jaguar VXH offers top-of-the-line inverter technology with standard on-board communications for BACnet MS/TP, Modbus RTU, and Metasys N2, as well as:

· A 5-year warranty

· Optimized control algorithm

· Dedicated application control functions

· Optimum energy saving on fan and pump applications

· Drastically reduced energy costs

Water Drives

The Jaguar VXA us the first IMO Jaguar Drive developed specially for the water industry and other pumping applications. Standard features include:

· Automatic energy-saving operation

· Wet-bulb temperature estimation control

· Cascade control, 4PID control

· Customizable logic

· Dry pump detection

· Anti Jam

· Linearization function

· Real time clock

· Slow flow rate

· On-board communications

· BACnet MS/TP, Modbus RTU and Metasys N2.

Why Choose Industrial Control Direct?

Our engineering staff boasts more than 500 years of combined expertise. Moreover, our team offers field-tested experience in specifying, supporting, installing and commissioning drives for customers in diverse settings and sectors, including Food and Beverage, Textile, Paper, Metals and Converting.

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