Din Rail Cutter

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DIN Rail Cutter

The Din Rail Cutter is an economical, lightweight, portable, hand held tool that easily cuts the standard 35 mm x 7.5 mm DIN rail. The...


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DIN Rail Cutter

The HDRC35435 DIN rail cutter cuts (35mm X 7.5 and 35mm X 15mm) and is a heavy duty, bench mount, multi-profile cutter that provides burr-free...


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Want a Reliable DIN Rail Cutter?

For competitively priced wire duct and DIN rail cutting tools, look no further than Industrial Control Direct’s complete DIN Rail Cutter line. To meet any budget and application, we provide a comprehensive set of tools. Plus, the highest levels of quality are met in the manufacturing and engineering of our tools. We have products that are lightweight and easy to bring along on the job site and those that are more heavy duty and suited for use in the shop.

Our PDC3575 DIN Rail Cutter model easily cuts the standard 35 mm by 7.5 mm DIN rail. It is specifically designed to be a portable, economical, hand held, and lightweight tool. To allow you to carry it along with you in the field or the shop, it has small dimensions of 13.5 inches by 2.75 inches by 4.75 inches. Plus, it only weighs six pounds. Perhaps best of all, it is maintenance free and simple to use.

Do You Need a More Rugged Cutter?

Our model HDRC35435 DIN Rail Cutter is the most heavy duty cutter around. It is a bench mount, multiple profile, and durable cutter that is able to cut the two most popular types of DIN rail, 7.5 mm and 15 mm. This is a precise cutter that leaves the DIN rail free from burrs. There is no maintenance needed for this cutter, and it is easy to use.

With our heavy duty HDRC35435 model, you will be able to easily cut at precise 90 degree angles with the rail guide that comes standard. An end stop and ruler both also come standard with this DIN Rail Cutter. Lying directly above the shearing blade, there is reinforced eccentric to allow for easier cutting. Plus, due to the efficient force transfer, you will not have to use too much force to cut. You can also easily sharpen the shearing blades.

How Do These Cutters Save You Time and Money?

Compared to using a hacksaw and vise to cut your DIN rail, our DIN Rail Cutters are a more precise, time saving, and low cost alternative. Without distorting the specifications of the DIN rail, our cutters will give you high quality factory cuts. Our cutters produce finished cuts that are burr free, so you will not need to do any secondary grinding or filing.

We have designed these DIN Rail Cutters and priced them aggressively to make them affordable for any shop, no matter the size. Industrial Control Direct only offers the best products. We bring a level of personal service that is rare in the online purchasing experience. We want to make sure you are happy and that your company has the competitive edge it needs to succeed.

DIN Rail Cutter Pros:

  • Can cut the two most popular DIN rails: 15 mm and 7.5 mm
  • Options available for job site and in shop applications
  • None of our cutters leave burrs
  • Allow you to cut at precise 90 degree angles
  • Easy to use and heavy duty