VFD Cable 14 AWG by the foot 10ft Minimum

Model Number: 33290F70041A14
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Product Description

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Technical data:

Nominal voltage: Uo/U 0,6/1 kV Nominal voltage UL: 1000 V 

Test voltage: 4 kV 

Temperature range Fixed laying: - 50 oC up to + 90 oC 

Flexible application: - 5 oC up to + 90 oC Temperature range UL: Fixed laying: - 40 oC up to + 80 oC 

Flexible application: - 5 oC up to + 80 oC Min. bending radius 

Single bending: 4 x d Multiple bending: 20 x d Insulation resistance: min. 200 MOhm x km 

Transfer impedance at 30 MHz Ω/km: < 250

Type: VFD Cable
Size: 14 AWG
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