Wiring Ducts

Want Solutions for Your Wiring Duct Needs?

To organize the electrical wires, Wiring Ducts are used on the electrical panel. Industrial Control Direct gets it comprehensive line of Wiring Ducts, also known as raceways or wire duct, from a United Kingdom based manufacturer known throughout the world for their craftsmanship. We offer two types of wiring ducts in gray and white: narrow fingers and large fingers wiring ducts.

To combat vibration, friction bead on the larger sizes provides excellent cover. Without the use of cutting tools, the fingers can be removed easily. Also, cables can be retained during installation due to the design of the Wiring Ducts. They are flame retardant, since they are made of UL94VO material. We also offer a range of accessories.

How Do They Work in Control Panels and Cabinets?

There are very specific needs in the panel building market. Specially designed for use within control panels and cabinets, our Wiring Ducts provide a unique cable management system. Each of the items in this series is manufactured using standard self-extinguishing PVC material with excellent performance characteristics and rigidity. Plus, we have a vast array of sizes available.

Where more access is required, our narrow fingers wiring ducts are the best choice for use with slimmer terminal blocks. With the cables coming out in the best position, this also improves the appearance of panels. Where there are several large or medium sized wires, you will want to go with the large fingers wiring ducts, since they provide additional cable support.

What Are the Differences between Large Fingers and Narrow Fingers?

The large fingers wiring ducts allow for terminated wires to be re-routed easily. They have a .79 inch slot pitch with a .31 inch slot width. We offer the large fingers in 23 different sizes. All of the varieties we offer are approved by CSA, Lloyds Register, and UL. Our narrow fingers wiring ducts are also all approved by all of these same organizations. They come in twenty different sizes. They have a .39 inch slot pitch and .16 inch slot width.

These Wiring Ducts are designed to work well in service temperatures between 5 and 140 degrees Fahrenheit. And, for easy installation and maximum versatility, the base slots have been designed to DIN 43659.

Industrial Control Direct provides an online purchasing experience that is unique in this day in age. With most suppliers, you make your purchase, and they remain a faceless entity, even if you need help with the product you bought. This is not the case with Industrial Control Direct. We want to make sure you are completely satisfied, so we provide assembly service, technical service, and industry leading customer service. We stand by our Wiring Ducts. If you have issues at any time, pick up the phone and give us a call.

Wiring Ducts Pros:

  • Easily removable fingers that do not require tools
  • Designed so cables can be retained during installation
  • Vast array of sizes to cater to just about any requirements
  • Made from self-extinguishing PVC