Jaguar CUB AC Drives

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IMO Jaguar CUB micro-inverters

1 Phase: 0.37-2.2kW (0.5-3HP) 3 Phase: 0.37-4.0kW (0.5-5HP)

Key Features

  • IP20 side-by-side mounting
  • Optional integrated EMI filtered models
  • RoHS, CE marked, UL / cUL approved
  • Revolutionary diagnostics
  • DC injection braking for fast stopping
  • Input and output phase-loss protection
  • High performance STV control
  • PID control mode as standard
  • Impact load stall prevention
  • 7 user-configurable preset speeds
  • 3 user-defined skip frequencies
  • Sink / source logic
  • Optional copy unit / remote operator
  • Timer / one-shot operating mode
  • Loss-of-load output signal
  • Inputs configurable for ON/NOT-ON operation
  • Life time / service due alarm output
  • Internal brake chopper
  • RS485/Modbus RTU communication options
  • Jaguar Loader diagnostic software