Thermal Overload relay

Model Number: MCOR-2-14
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Product Description

Thermal Overload Relay For MC24 To MC40 Contactors 10 To 14 Amps


Type: Overload Relay
Amps: 14-Oct
Warranty: 1 Year

Contactors 4-400kW

Features include:

  • IEC/EN 60947-4-1
  • Din-Rail mounting right up to 74A AC3
  • Compact - only 45mm wide up to 40A AC3
  • Large terminations: 6mm2 MC10 - MC22; 25mm2 MC24 - MC40; 50mm2 MC50 - MC74
  • Increased operational currents AC1 + AC3
  • Resistant to high ambient temperatures (90oC) and humidity
  • Made from halogen and CFC-free plastics
  • Single auxiliary contacts colour coded for easy identification
  • 4 main pole versions available
  • Capacitor switching versions
  • AC and DC Coil versions

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